ERASMUS+ Project “E-co-logical Footprint" Εκτύπωση
Δευτέρα, 27 Νοέμβριος 2017 11:15

Thumbnail imageTogether with partners from Austria, Greece, Hungary and Romania, we started the ERASMUS+ Project “E-co-logical Footprint Training - digital resources for online and offline education”. It is a 3-year project, starting in 2017 and finishing in 2020. The partners in collaboration are: Akaryon GmbH, a research based Austrian SME specialized in environmental educational informatics, the Viennese NGO Plattform Footprint (FP), the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) in Hungary, the Greek Environmental Education Center (KPE) Pertouliou-Trikkeon and the Vasile Lovinescu College (CLV), a Romanian VET high-school providing courses in ecology and environment.

The project is divided into 5 Outputs, one Teaching, Learning, Training activity and 3 Multiplies Events.

Objective 1 of the proposed project is to compile a high quality blended educational package on ecological footprinting to involve children in the Earth’s protection. The educational package will consist of the following major outputs (each in two versions, one for 10-13 year old kids, and one for 14-18 year old teens):

• Curriculum

• Online e-learning material (O1) 

• Offline learning materials (O2) with 6 learning units (general introduction, four key areas: food, mobility, consumption and housing, mini hectar workshop)

• Ecological Footprint Calculation Software (O4) with simple and complex information to cater for different ages / learning levels being a self-scaling multi-lingual survey tool to collect all data on the four key areas relevant for a profound analysis of the personal footprint didactically far beyond existing footprint-calculators (includes: good usability on mobile devices, features: data collection and calculation of footprints)

• Teaching materials for teachers (O3) to give background information.

Objective 2 is to establish a website with the education package; digital outputs are directly usable online, the offline-materials can be downloaded from here

Objective 3 is to write a guide on certification (O5) to certify the educational package during the course but also beyond

Objective 4 is to animate schools and class teachers in the partner countries Hungary, Romania, Greece and Austria to use the educational material

Objective 5 is to involve the whole education system, parents, local representatives from the municipality, other local NGOs in the partner countries.

Objective 6 is to establish a future plan and to reach certain degree of prominence to raise interest for participation also in further countries.


Our vision: European kids who influence their sustainable future and act as positive role models for the “adult community”.

Project results will be available via the project-website


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